Playing Regs - Track and Field




University of Windsor Trophy and Plaque

Over-all AA


Over-all A


Senior Boys


Junior Boys


Novice Boys


Senior Girls


Junior Girls


Novice Girls


In addition to the above, members of each division winning team will receive a medal (max 10/team) and the individual champion in each division will receive a medal.
Place ribbons will be awarded to the first six places in each event.
Record breakers will receive a plaque. If more than one athlete breaks a record in an event, the plaque will be awarded to the athlete that holds the record at the end of the meet.


a) When two or more teams tie for school team championships, the winner will be the team which has the most first place finishes.
b) When ties occur for individual championships, no individual champion shall be declared on the basis of participation in relays but the same recognition shall be given to the competitors involved.


a) Entries must be in the hands of the convenor the Saturday prior to the meet.
b) LKSSAA and WECSSAA shall be allowed eight entries in each individual event and relay. No school is allowed to enter two teams in any relay event. Exceptions: (i) LKSSAA and WECSSAA shall be allowed more than eight (8) entries in the vertical jumps if there are ties for eighth place and beyond, (ii) In an event, where only one Member Association has competitors, they may enter up to sixteen (16) entries provided that the competitors have qualified under 3(d).

c) Substitutions should be made the day of the member association meet. Coaches must act through their member association convenor before the entry sheets are submitted. Substitutions are not allowed the day of the SWOSSAA meet.
d) In order to compete in an individual event or relay at the SWOSSAA meet, a competitor or relay team must have competed successfully in the event or relay at the member association meet.


The events held at the SWOSSAA meet will be the same as those held at the OFSAA meet.


a) In order to clarify rules of competition, the following order of interpretation will be used: (l) OFSAA rules (2) IAAF Handbook
b) A competitor may enter any three individual events in the same age class or open class. In addition, a competitor may enter one open relay and one age class relay provided he/she is not overage for the age class relay in which he/she is competing.
c) Athletes who scratch from a final event after qualifying from a heat will be ineligible to compete for the remainder of the day in any other events including relays.
d) All competitors must wear a proper track or school gym uniform in order to compete. Relay teams must wear identical tops.
e) No sport club or insignia on uniforms or coaches clothing shall be permitted. A sport club is defined as a community, provincially or nationally based organization whose primary purpose is participation in organized competition in single or multi-sport programs. This criteria must be met both on and in the immediate vicinity of the competitive area and during the awards ceremony. Failure to comply will be subject to association sanctions.
f) Athlete names are permitted on the back of the jersey provided they are consistent- first name only, surname only, first and last name. No nick names will be permitted. This would NOT make the jerseys unacceptable for relays.
g) The convenor's handbook outlines the placing of contestants in heats, qualifications for track finals and throwing and jumping order for field events.
h) Unsportsmanlike conduct by any competitor or coach shall result in disqualification of the competitor (e.g. throwing a baton, abusive language).


Points shall be awarded to eight places in all events as follows: 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Only the top three finishers in an individual event can score points for their school. Points scored in Open events will count towards a school's total in the Senior division. Points scored by Para student athletes will count towards a school's overall total.


Each member association shall supply qualified officials. Each member association shall be responsible for assigning those officials in co-operation with the SWOSSAA convenor. Each member association shall be responsible for assigning one (1) officials to each exchange zone of the 4x100 relay. The Jury of Appeal shall consist of three (3) members, one from a school in LKSSAA, and two from schools in WECSSAA (one from a member school in the GECDSB and one from a school that is not in the GECDSB). If a school appeals the decision of a Referee to the Jury of Appeal and the Jury denies the appeal, then the school’s member Association will be charged fifty (50) dollars.


The SWOSSAA Track and Field Meet will be held on a track with eight lanes on the straight-away.