Playing Regs - Cross-Country



Senior Boys:

The Alex Liddell Trophy and Plaque

Junior Boys:

The Drakonian Shield and Plaque

Novice Boys:

C.K.S.S. Student Athletic Association Trophy and Plaque

Senior Girls:

R.S.S. Student Parliament Trophy and Plaque

Junior Girls:

Phoenix Re-Conditioners Trophy and Plaque

Novice Girls:

Edward J. Dawson Trophy and Plaque

In addition to the above, members of the winning team will receive a medal (max 5/team) and the individual champion in each division will receive a medal.
Place ribbons shall be awarded to individuals that finish second through sixth and teams that finish second through sixth. (max 5/team)


The meet shall be held at least one week prior to OFSAA. The course should have the following approximate distances over suitable terrain:

Novice Girls


Novice Boys:


Junior Girls


Junior Boys


Senior Girls


Senior Boys


A 400 m tolerance is permitted in each race. The start and finish line will be within 400 m of each other. The two member association convenors will review the SWOSSAA course at least one week prior to the date of SWOSSAA.


a) In each division, each member association will be allowed to enter 10 teams and those individuals not on teams who finish in the top 30 at their member association race.


a) The rules of the IAAF shall apply.
b) A team shall consist of unlimited number of runners with four (4) to count in point standings. In case of a tie, the position of the fourth runner involved in the tie shall determine the winner.
c) Spikes or suitable flats may be worn.
d) Distinguishable identical school uniform tops must be worn by all team members.
e) The OFSAA scoring system shall be used. Places for individual runners shall not be eliminated when team scores are determined.
f) Any runner participating as a member of a qualifying team from LKSSAA or WECSSAA at the SWOSSAA meet must have competed in that division at his/her own member association meet.
g) Substitutions must be made in writing no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet.
h) All competitors from the same school will line up in the same starting box in each race.